H&J Complex boasts several facilities that are attuned to everyone’s tastes and ideas of the modern lifestyle, all segmented in its nine floors.

At the basement, you will find franchisee shops such as supermarkets and showrooms.

The ground floor is the crowning gem of the complex. With a height of 3.8 meters and a royal look, you would mistake it for a luxurious palace at first. This is where the anchor shops (or hypermarkets) reside for easy access. Many of your favorite specialty shops are also here, especially restaurants, take-away joints, electronics stores, computer shops, and garment shops. ATM’s are also placed here for your banking convenience.

As the extension to the ground floor, the first floor is filled to the brim with more of your favorite specialty shops; especially baby shops, home improvement centers, bookstores, and pharmacies. Both floors are also home to luxury shops, wedding and formal wear shops, sportswear shops, casual and kids’ wear shops, footwear shops, bags and luggage shops, watch dealers, eyewear shops, and gift shops.

The second floor is a car pay park that can accommodate 25 cars.

Carrying state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and providing the best of entertainment, the third floor contains two multiplex internationally-compliant theaters with a maximum seating capacity of 200 people each.

The fourth and fifth floors of the complex house the first fully air-conditioned, combined auditorium and conference hall, lobby, and dining area (complete with buffet and group dining systems) in the city — with a maximum capacity of 1000 people. People from Karunagappally and surrounding areas have demanded for such a facility; and with H&J Complex, such a demand has been met.

The sixth, seventh and eighth floors are dedicated to office space. Banks, travel agencies, IT/mobile/Internet coffers, insurance companies, corporate offices of companies and institutions, and other entities that have sought for well-developed, well-maintained, and well-secured office space are now at home there. The seventh floor is also home to several children and teen’s entertainment centers, with video game arcades and more.

At H&J Complex, business and leisure coexist.