About us

H&J Mall is devoted to providing the catchment area between Cochin and Trivandrum with an ultimate shopping experience. H&J aims to create a shopping hub with activities and functions never seen before in Kerala.

The mastermind and promoter behind H&J Complex, is a dedicated, forward-minded businessman. Based in Botswana, Southern Africa; his mission is to provide his home land with luxuries found only in urban areas such as Cochin, Chennai and Trivandrum. His vision of saving his locality from travelling great distances for quality products and premium entertainment will be fulfilled with H&J Mall.

The promoter and his wife are not new to bringing the luxuries of urban life to the rural areas. Together, they have built a group of companies including H&J Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, Bismi Investment, and Haree Cash and Carry (Pty) Ltd; employing people from both Botswana and India (Kerala) H&J Wholesalers (PTY) Ltd. ; H&J Specialised Hardware (PTY) Ltd. ; Jisha Cash and Carry (PTY) Ltd. ; H&J Distributors and creating several needed jobs. With their businesses, they have upgraded the social, economic, and educational conditions in Botswana, and are also engaged in philanthropy. The promoters have even helped the president of Botswana in hosting the visits of the presidents of Namibia and Lesotho.

H&J Mall would not have been brought to fruition if not for the following entities that helped the promoter in his dream project.

•Architectural Consultancy: M/s. Najeeb & Associates, Ernakulam.

•Structural Consultancy: M/s. United Consultants, Chennai.

•Piling: M/s. Trace Foundation, Ernakulam.

•Main Construction: AVS project and construction pvt ltd, Thiruvalla

•Electrical and Plumbing Consultancy: M/s. AR Tech, Kollam.

•HVAC Consultancy: Alex Ciriac Associate Ltd Vyttila, Kochi.

Tenant negotiations and allocations are now under way. H&J Mall opens their doors for well reputed companies and investors.